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8th IMHA International Congress of Maritime History

Members of the RUTTER project will chair 4 symposium and present 7 talks at the 8th IHMA congress.

8th IMHA International Congress of Maritime History


Symposium: Politics, Science, Religion: New Historical Insights On the Making of Early Modern Thalassocracies. Chair: Fabiano Bracht.

Nuno Vila-Santa “Spying on the Global Sea: French maritime and cosmographical espionage in Portugal (1557-1561)”; José María Moreno Madrid “A life-or-death matter: when a rutter becomes an ‘Instruction’”.

Symposium: Oceanic Rutters as Tools for Globalization. Chair: Luana Giurgevich; Discussant: Juan Acevedo

Luana Giurgevich “Tracing a New Textual Tradition: The Oceanic Rutter (15th – 17th c.)”; Fabiano Bracht “Scaling Up Nature: The Construction of a Global Perspective of Nature through 16th-century Oceanic Rutters”; Juan Acevedo “The Cross-Cultural World of Arabic Nautical Literature”

Symposium: Nature’s yield: commerce and science; Chair: Juan Acevedo

Inês Bénard “Circulating Knowledge: Arabic Texts in Portuguese Nautical Literature”

Symposium: The history of medical of the sea and port; Chair: Fabiano Bracht

June 28 – July 2 2022, University of Porto, Porto

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