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The long life of manuscripts: from material to immaterial texts – second edition


The long life of manuscripts: from material to immaterial texts


Organizers: Silvana Munzi & Luana Giurgevich

When: 9-13 September 2024

Where: Anfiteatro FCiências.ID (FCUL)

Cultural visit to: Biblioteca da Ajuda (Lisbon, Portugal); Academia das Ciências

Language: English (written sources in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian)

Course aim: This course provides a thorough overview of multidisciplinary approaches to early modern scientific writing practices. The course consists of three parts. The first is a theoretical part with lectures providing knowledge on book history, manuscript terminology, recording methods, cultural heritage and digital humanities. The second, practically oriented part, will provide training on documentation techniques, including paleographical, linguistical and computer skills with fieldwork at Ajuda’s Library. The third part will focus on how the collection and analysis of archival data are used to write new historical narratives. Throughout three crucial moments of historical investigation, the participants will gain familiarity with a great variety of written texts, sources and case studies, as well as general competencies of the digital tools applied to historical research. All these core skills will help researchers to use historical knowledge to demystify simplistic ideas and interpret scientific phenomena in a new way.

Target group: The course is open to students, researchers and professionals from any area of study wishing to enrich their experience in archival work. Students planning careers in early modern history and history of science will find this course especially beneficial. No previous knowledge is required.

Number of participants: min. 10 – max. 20

Registration and prices: The course is designed to be delivered in a face-to-face format, including a practical component. However, for those individuals who are unable to physically travel to Lisbon, there is the option to register solely for the theoretical lessons that will be conducted online.

1) In-presence format, complete course: 125 € for Master students and unemployed; 180 € for PhD students; 250 € for Professional and postdocs.

2) Online format, only theoretical lessons (mornings): 85 € for Master students and unemployed; 125 € for PhD students; 175 € for Professional and postdocs.

To register send an email to: including a motivation letter, a brief biography sketch and the indication if you will follow the in-presence or the online course.

Deadline for registration: 30 June 2024



Ana Duarte Rodrigues, Universidade de Lisboa

Ana Tomé, Universidade de Lisboa

Cristina Pinto Basto, Biblioteca da Ajuda

Eric Staples, Zayed University

Fátima Gomes, Biblioteca da Ajuda

Francisco Malta Romeiras, Universidade de Lisboa

Henrique Leitão, Universidade de Lisboa

Inês Bénard, Universidade de Lisboa

Jesse Rafeiro, University of Tokyo

Joaquim Alves Gaspar, Universidade de Lisboa

José María Moreno Madrid, Universidade de Lisboa

Juan Acevedo, Universidade de Lisboa

Luana Giurgevich, Universidade de Lisboa

Luís Ribeiro, Universidade de Lisboa

Nuno Castel-Branco, All Souls College, Oxford University

Paulo Estudante (Universidade de Coimbra)

Pierre-Yves Manguin, École française d’Extrême-Orient

Rui Manuel Loureiro, Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes

Samuel Gessner, Universidade de Lisboa

Šima Krtalić, Universidade de Lisboa

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